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Thread: Gi and fightwear talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by david5 View Post
    buy a faixa rua, well priced, well made, and cool guys. fuck tatami
    Bit much.......

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    Is there anyone reliable at providing replacement gi trowsers that actually match the original gi and fit? Just ordered a new Black Eagle Judo gi basically for the reason that the last one fitted just right, and figured would get some spare trowsers of the same size, except the extra pair they sent were a different brand and ten centimeters longer than the ones that came with my new gi. Is there anything more uterly uselsss in life than excessively long Judo trowsers? sigh :-/


    OK on the plus side after I rang they this morning Black Eagle were pretty cool about it and apparently sending me some new ones with minimal fuss, so that is good.
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    The new Predator BJJ Range, now available.

    For a chance to win a full grappling set (tomorrow) or a brand new Predator BJJ Kimono, just join our Facebook page:

    Predator BJJ Clothing
    Black Eagle Martial Arts

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    I still think the new PREDATOR logo/font looks tacky, like something from an 80s arcade game.

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    Each to their own. This is by far and away our fastest selling range we must be doing something right...
    Black Eagle Martial Arts

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    I like it and hope to get one when I am not doing a financial impression of Oliver.

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    BJJ Gi Shop have set up a market place for 2nd hand gis on their website.

    I think it is a great idea and recommend people getting on there if they have any unwanted gi's. Especially A4 gi's!!!

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    I own, Tatami, Black eage, Shoyoroll, Atama, Keiko raca and Koral gi's plus a Mizuno judo Gi. There is no point in shelling out huge bucks in my opinion. Tatami is my favorit Gi as it fits my body type the best and feels good for me. Plus buying from UK based gi suppliers any problems can be sorted a lot easier than over seas providers from my past experience. Try a couple on and see whats best for you.

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    is NOW LIVE selling original lifestyle gear to compliment your lifestyle and passion. Unique designs printed on the finest quality tees we could find! These arent your average tees at all so to avoid being 'that guy' with the same tee as 'the next guy' you need to go visit Temper Wear Design Group. We only use the finest quality tees that would be perfectly at home in a fashion boutique with hefty price tag and tango-faced smilie person hassling you wanting to know 'is everything okay' so go elsewhere for your Fruit of the Loom jobbies!

    As well as our website please Like us at our Facebook page as we currently have a competition to win FREE gear going on right now!!! Plus you can keep up with latest releases and even shape the designs we release in the future.

    Thanks for reading, lets go chill for a bit then maybe a roll. 8) Predator Fightwear CrossFit Northampton Maximum Nutrition

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    Further reductions on our Gold Weave Kimonos ahead of teh new style arriving. Last few remaining, last chance to grab one of these at silly prices!

    BJJ Kimonos
    Black Eagle Martial Arts

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