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Thread: Crazy Kev

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    Default Crazy Kev

    Anyone have any news on Kevin at optimus event tonight?

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    It's only just started

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    meant in the way of weigh in etc? new it had just started.

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    anyone updating or twittering???
    Don't Take Life Too Serious Or You'll Die Stressed!!!

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    Good luck to Kevin T

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaizer View Post
    Good luck to Kevin T
    kev won by ground and pound,1st round

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    awesome .just the way he likes it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by convxr View Post
    kev won by ground and pound,1st round
    Kevin is on fire right now. He must be 4-0-0 since he lost to Tabera.
    Running out of legit opponents here in the UK right now.
    Time for Kev to move on ??????

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    Agreed 100% He needs more to challenge his skill. Not getting it at the moment. Kaizer another european on your show would be good?????

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    Some lovely clean crisp striking from kev, i think if the lad he fought had been matched against anyone else in the tourney he would have gone through

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