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    Default Vadim kolganov

    anyone trains with this guy in sambo?

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    Yes. He is fantastic. Great teacher and a really genuine honour to train with him. The guy has crazy skills on the mat.

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    Yes matthew my mate said the same thing ,man knows his stuff and stil cool guy
    Oban mma (hangs about )

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    ive rolled him years ago and took part in a seminar he took, very knowledgable guy.

    Alan McCauley from DNFT trained with him for a long time i believe.

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    Vadim has done a couple of seminars for me , awesome techniques , if you get the chance ask him to show you some leglocks

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    Ive actually just recently came across his website (dynamo sambo glasgow)

    So went along to ty out a combat sambo class.

    Aye Vadim came across as a sound guy, obviously knows his stuff and teaches in a relaxed way.

    His class was basically a mma session i.e. Stand up striking / clinch work / takedowns / and some basic groundwork.
    Bit of cardio work / bags and sparring too, so came away breathing out my ar#e but happy.

    The only thing I was surprised at was it was all no-gi (was expecting gi as any footage ive seen in sambo was gi-top )

    Oh, and he reminded me of Charles Bronson!

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