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Thread: The Berserker Brawl 2-Odins Challenge!

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    Default The Berserker Brawl 2-Odins Challenge!

    We now have Saturday 17th July confirmed for the Inter Club with the lads from VT Jujitsu at the Valhalla Gym. Weigh-ins will be around 11am, rules meeting at 11.30am to start at 12pm and finish by 5pm.

    We will also be planning an afteshow event in town, details to be confirmed soon. Should be another awesome event, we are hoping to get a few sponsors down as well now we have extended the gym.

    Any of our guys who would like to get their names down for a grappling, MMA or kickboxing round let us know as soon as possible and we will start work with Leigh on the matches. Remember-you will need to make weight for your division.

    Phil & Cat

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    New matspace looks awesome. I Definitely intend to take part in the next comp. Looking forward to being back to training regularly after these pesky exams are over mid may.


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    Applications forms should be ready by Monday, we have loads of guys already starting their training camps this week.

    Closing date is 1st July to allow us to work with Leigh on the matches but the sooner you get the form in the better.

    Best of luck to all our guys taking their exams at the moment but all work and no rolling in the cage just makes you all just dam boring

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    I'll gladly take part in a kickboxing match, as we talked about phil.
    Also, im quite happy to corner the other matches too.

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    Application forms are there now guys, last date for return is 1st July but if you can get them in sooner then please do. The sooner we can get you on the lost the more chance we have to match you.

    We have The Moderation booked for one of their legendary BBQ's @ 8.50 per head after, partners and friends welcome so also grab a slip to reserve your place for that.

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    Last couple of weeks guys until the comp so forms must be on by Friday.

    Weigh ins at 11am, finish up about 5.30pm and then onto the BBQ at The Moderation for 6.30pm. I need to confirm the numbers so get paid up and booked ASAP.

    We will most probably end up in town afterwards so no trainers lol. We are not waiting outside again with the numpty who forgets their shoes!

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    The Fight Card for Saturday is up in the gym and will be posted on line tomorrow night. Weigh ins at 11am, rules meeting at 11.30am and 12pm start.

    The BBQ is now fully sold, out with 44 of us attending....hope they have a bloody big cow to sling on the grill. If you have missed the chance to come for the grub then join us in town for the beers later.

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    Final Fightcard for Saturday stands at:

    Andy Stillwell V Adam Sharpe (Nov Grappling)
    Carl Tucker V Mike Jones (Ad Grappling)
    Alex Murdoch V Ollie Hickey (Am MMA)
    Adrian Fok V Grant Clark (Am MMA)
    Gareth Hughes V Ben Taylor (Am MMA)
    Gopal Sharma V Joe Kitson (Am MMA)
    James Borg V Mike Purchase (Am MMA)
    Gavin Roy V Chris Jones (Am MMA)
    Chris Bucksey V Lewis Sanderson (Am MMA)
    Gareth Riddy V Pete Nightingale (Nov Grappling)
    Adrian Fok V Pete Williams (Am MMA)
    Alex Murdoch V Andy Cockram (Ad Grappling)
    James Matthews V Andy Hutchinson (Kickboxing)
    Danny Oliver V Jonathan Slater (Am MMA)

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    Good luck guys, looks like a good event
    For great training in Sydney, Australia go to for excellent, BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai

    No PRIDE. No Life

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    i seriously cant wait for the main event! its going to be a tight one,

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