Looking for stand up fighters for events in Cardiff on june 6th, swindon on July 3rd and again on sept 18th (waiting for confirm). semi pro british titles will be up for grabs at all weights.

Sportfight uk rules are bit different from standard lowleg kickboxing rules and i have included them in this thread.

please contact me if you are interested in fighting.

Sportfight UK semi professional Kickboxing Rules

Unless a championship fight the semi pro bouts consist of 3 x 2 minute rounds
In a championship bout the bout consists of 5 x 2minute rounds

All fighters must be wearing 10oz boxing gloves
1 mouthpiece
1 groin guard
1 pair of shorts or martial arts trousers
Wraps must be checked and signed by a Sportfight UK official prior to the fight.

Fighters may punch from the knee and up (to top of head) but not below the knee or directly strike to the knee area.
Spinning backfists are allowed
Hand strikes may be completed with fist (punch), hammerfist and backfists
No elbows at anytime
With kicks the fighter is allowed to kick from the ankle to the top of the head including sweeps, (including foot to foot sweeps)
All forms of kicking are allowed.
Knees to the body and legs only (no knees to the head)

Sweeps and throws
Shoulder throws, Hip throws and sweeps are allowed including catching the leg and sweeping the other foot.
In the event of a sweep resulting in both fighters being on the ground (IE: scissor sweep) one strike to the body (no head strikes to a downed opponent) is allowed to complete the sweep with a strike but this must be done immediately after the sweep.

Ways to win/lose a semi pro bout
your opponent must be unable to carry on due to being unconscious
Technical knockout:
Your opponent has been knocked down 3 times in one round
The referee deems your opponent unfit to continue
An injury from a strike(IE: cut) resulting in the safety of the fighter being in question or the fighter is unable to continue due to the injury
Corner throwing the towel in or requesting the stoppage of the fight due to them feeling the fighter is in a danger that the referee has not seen
Points decision
In event of the bout going the distance a points decision will be rendered by 3 prior nominated independent judges (as appointed by Sportfight UK) using a ten point system round system. Points will be gained by successful striking, successful throws and sweeps and progression of the fight where a fighter is aggressively seeking the win.

In event of an accidental injury a bout may be deemed a no contest
Fouls are as follows
Hitting a downed opponent when not on the same level
Striking more than once to a downed opponent when on the same level
Hitting to the back of the head
Kneeing to the head
Deliberate knee to the groin area
Elbows of any kind or anytime during the bout
Stomping a downed opponent
Eyegouging, biting or fishhooking
Failing to stop fighting when told to by a Sportfight official (referee/judge)
Deliberate throw to assure an opponent lands on his head or neck
Deliberate attack to the knee or elbow
Deliberate dropping of the mouthpiece
Deliberately avoiding action/fighting during a bout (IE: running away from opponent, over holding to avoid fighting etc)
Refusal to fight
Putting anything into any orifice of cut
Use of oils, balms, sprays or creams to impare your opponents performance
Unsportmans like behaviour of anykind

These Rules may be changed or added to depending on the show but fighters will be informed before the actual bout.

Any questions please contact Scott Clist at Sportfight Uk
mobile 07916571371