I've just found a dvd my coach gave me a while ago because he couldnt get it to work (its actually a VCD). Its all in Thai but as far as I can make out it is a bunch of fights in the same village in Thailand (could be anywhere poor in Asia though) pitting mynmar and thai style fighters from very young ages upto adults.

Rules include headbutts and elbows at all ages too, and gloves are out, with fighters using handwraps only. I've only ever seen pictures of such events, never a full video. The first kids fight seen one wee guy take two or three head kicks in the first round!

Has anyone ever seen stuff like this and if so, what was your opinion? Were you a bit disturbed to see 8 year olds smashing each other with elbows? I was astounded at the (relative) punishment these kids were taking and realised that they are far tougher than I could claim to be!