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Thread: K-1 MAX 63kg Japan Grand Prix 02/05/2010

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    Default K-1 MAX 63kg Japan Grand Prix 02/05/2010

    Here's the info about the tournament:

    Some excellent fights there enjoy:

    Tetsuya Yamato vs Masahiro Yamamoto

    Yuki vs Yuji Takeuchi

    Shohei Asahara vs Shota Shimada

    Koya Urabe vs Shunsuke Oishi

    Yuta Kubo vs DJ. Taiki

    Yoshimichi Matsumoto vs Haruaki Otsuki

    Keiji Ozaki vs Kosuke Komiyama

    Naoki Ishikawa vs Yuto Watanabe

    Toshiki Taniyama vs Hirotaka Urabe

    Kizaemon Saiga vs Fire Harada

    Daisuke Uematsu vs Jae Hee Cheon

    Vahid Rosyani vs Yasuhiro Kido
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    thanks for this. some awesome fights
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    Thanks for these AntonM!

    I was interested to see the Jae Hee Cheon fight because I trained in the same gym as him in Thailand. He's a talented guy so it was a shame to see what happened.

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