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Thread: Amateur K-1 style kickboxers Wanted 31st JULY in Sheffield

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    Default Amateur K-1 style kickboxers Wanted 31st JULY in Sheffield

    Hi everyone
    Following on in the series , we are putting on yet another show at the end of July.

    We are inviting RELIABLE clubs to come along and have a go.

    You could be from a Thaiboxing/Kickboxing or an MMA Background or you could possibly even be training at an Amateur boxing gym and do a little bit of kicking on the side?
    We have even had people from Kung Fu and Taekwondo fight on the shows before.

    The Amateur rules we use are designed in such a way to give combatants the opportunity to experience a Full Contact situation while minimising the risk of serious injury.

    If you are an MMA Fighter wishing to test your stand up skills at a basic level then these rules will be suitable for you.
    All you need to do is get in touch and keep communication up between myself and your coach/manager.
    In rare cases we accept applications from independent fighters (Reliable ones only).

    All you have to do is ring 07775 914155

    Farhad Ali
    Looking for K-1 Kickboxers ALL Levels 26th Feb

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    The matches are contested under ISKA ORIENTAL RULES :

    Kicks are allowed to , LEGS, TORSO , HEAD

    Punches: All boxing punches are allowed to Head and Torso.

    Knees: There is a 3 second limited clinch allowed during which you can knee to the legs and torso (nut NOT the head).

    Dress Code and Equipment used.
    All fighters will fight in :
    Shorts (thai shorts/boxing shorts/MMA shorts)
    Groin Guard + Gumshield
    10 OZ Boxing Gloves
    Leather Shinpads (MMA shinpads are allowed)

    All of the above have to be provided by yourself.

    Shinpads are used at novice level. You can take them off when you get more experienced.

    Contests will either be : 3 x1.5 mins or 3x2 mins as decided in Advance.

    Experienced competitors can campaign under Oriental rules without shinguards, and can either do:
    (3x2) mins = same rules as above
    (3x3) mins = WITH knees to the head.

    Title fights under Oriental Rules will be contested over (5x2) mins = Area/English titles. OR (5x3) mins = British title.
    Looking for K-1 Kickboxers ALL Levels 26th Feb

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    Still looking for novices at :

    Can anyone help?
    Looking for K-1 Kickboxers ALL Levels 26th Feb

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    Default reply

    What an impact the introduction of reseller web hosting this system has had on WAKO as a whole. Several years ago Mr Ennio Falsoni decided to introduce small business hosting“WAKO K1 Rules” to the many disciplines which WAKO already featured and it was first seen in its full glory at one of the International competitions cheap ecommerce hosting. It created a massive interest from day 1. It had its own set of rules which again made it its own brand and it followed the WAKO type scoring format, where each round is scored with the same importance and where clean, none blocked or re directed punches kicks and knees prevail adult hosting. There is no catching of the leg or throwing and the rules were changed shortly after inception to include two handed working 5 second clinches when it was identified that the one handed clinch was neither effective nor suitable as the only and main holding technique.

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    I'll take the 75kgs
    Coffee drinker, prefer Pepsi and I'm kind of a big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanthic View Post
    I'll take the 75kgs
    Xanthic ,
    Consider yourself matched
    See you on the 31st of July !!!
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    Looking for K-1 Kickboxers ALL Levels 26th Feb

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