Hey guys, looking to buy some new gloves but just don't know which ones to go for as I want to get something that will last. Punchtowns look the best of the bunch, but I don't know much about their durability while Hayabusa, Twins and Sandee are established brands. I'm gonna be using them for sparring and padwork, so after reading the other thread have decided that 14oz are the weight for me (although the Hayabusas are 16oz).

Also, I'm right in assuming that even though the Punchtowns and Hayabusas are boxing gloves, they'll be fine for Thai as well?

Pricing is quite similar including P&P:

Sandee - £39.93
Twins Dragon - £42.95
Punchtown BXR Pro - £42.29
Hayabusa - £45

Thanks in advance guys!