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Thread: Troll required

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    Default Troll required

    Some guy giving women fighter's hassle. I'm sure somebody here can have fun with this...

    This is his facebook profile; Shay Amsellem -!/...00000725832562

    These are the messages some women posted about him;

    Not sure if this is quite the right place for it (Mods feel free to move) but would be nice if a google search brought up something on this weirdo for the other girls out there. He has sent me similar messages in the past which I have ignored and just found out some other girls having been getting them too.

    Shay Amsellem 13 May at 22:59 Report
    I'm not from fighting field and i do respect women that trainning and doing sport , BUT its really hard for me to undrestand how can a women really fight/punch hard ?
    Can we have a full power sparring fight ?
    I wants to see for myself , in reality how it is .....
    Best regards

    Hahahaha, yes. This guy has been sending me the same kind of messages on facebook. I replied that if he really wants me fight me, he should book private tuition through the academy - then ignored the ridiculous number of messages that followed...

    Well, I deleted the previous ones, they were a couple of months ago, but got this yesterday

    "Shay Amsellem 13 May at 09:30 Report
    I declare loud and clear : I will never tap vs a women ....
    :-)" -

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    Is he a perv? ME

    "That was how i got my first soapy titwank!
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    Feed him to Rosi Sexton is the best solution!

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    Yeah let Rosi deal with him. He looks like he couldn't knock a good wank out.

    I hope He does fight a girl and she fuckin destroys him, or, if hes that adament about not tapping, the other option is to "nap"

    He looks like a fucking mormon anyway.
    How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies

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    hahah, this guy keeps changing his name on facebook by creating new profiles, and keeps sending the same message to a lot of girls involved in MMA, what an idiot lol

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    this going to go the same way as the santos v reporter scenario

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledge View Post
    "Put the fuckin' lotion in the basket"

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