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Thread: revlution bjj in lincolnshire

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    nic gregoriades is doing a seminar there this weekend according to their site:

    no doubt he could gauge the skill level of anyone there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Hayes View Post
    A purple belt should be proud of his lineage and be prepared to tell anyone who asks exactly who awarded him that belt.

    Over the last few years I've noticed a reccuring theme in these
    situations and that is a frauds reluctance to discuss his lineage.

    Seems to be happening more and more, huge thread about same thing in Scotland,

    Also people teaching BJJ as part of another 'complete' fighting system seems to be en vogue too, that way you don't need a grade in BJJ just the black belt from your own style that has that many stripes it looks like zebra print.

    And if I want to be pedantic, the revolution web site spelt Brazilian wrong
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    I don't know anything about Dan Wait or his qualifications, but checked out the site and have seen that Mat Flat is a coach there. Mat has recently joined the CMDP Trainers Program, and will be attending his first Trainers Clinic in July which will be held at my Studio on the Isle of Man.

    In the interests of preserving the ingrety of CM Brand and Group I thought I better jump in and say that Mat is currently working his way to being a qualified trainer of the Crazy Monkey Defense Program. So he is going about the right way of qualifying himself in something, and hence I hope that he only deals with people of a similar mindset. However, this does not mean that any member of RevolutionMA will be able to coach the CMDP. Secondly, for the record, no representative of Revolution MA (Mat or otherwise) to my knowledge has been qualified by Rodney to represent Monkey Jits Brazilian Jiu Jitsu either.

    I agree with the comments stated about being proud of your lineage, or at the very least acknowledge it. I will attempt to contact Mat in regards to this as if the claims are false, I do not want Mat, or any member of the CMDP group tarnished with the same brush.

    Oh and finally. It appears that Mat and Dan have choosen a name that is similar to an existing UK CMD Trainer's gym. 'Revolution Gym' ( Simon, I believe you are familar with Phil having coached a CMD Seminar at Calson Gracie Academy.

    The similar gym name is slightly confusing, so please don't get them mixed up, or think that RevolutionMA is a francise of Revolution Gym.



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    hey Chris, hope alls well. are you having a seminar or anything with any of the guys coming over in july? just let me know and i will pass the word around and try and help get the numbers up if so.

    If its just the trainers clinic thats cool, i'll leave you to it, but if you need a bit more space, let me know and you could probably use my place although it still might look more like a building site than a gym!

    also have you seen (leglock) danny recently?

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    I've just received a email from rev ma and i also asked who had graded dan wait to purple and the reply said he had a machado lineage ????

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    Given there are 5 brothers and dozens of black belt students can they be more specific?

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    Just out of coincidence but a guy who I train with said a friend of his was looking for a BJJ class in the Lincolnshire area so he emailed a few clubs for him. One of them was this one and he said they gave a very non-specific answer on lineage.

    Sounds like utter bullshit to me. -

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    I'm still tempted to go have a look and just see how good the guy is !

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    Hey guys, i'm one of his students, and have been for a few years now, and i can honestly say that Dan Wait is legit. The reason that he didn't, and doesn't like to post his certifications and everything on the internet is because of the politics. I can assure you that he is a legit purple belt in BJJ. the reason why he doesn't want to explain everything over personal messages is because of the habit of people making decisions based on the internet. He is extremely anti-bullshit, trust me, he isn't one of these guys who just makes up his own little federation with BJJ in the name, and calls himself a purple belt. He has worked legitimately for it. If you have ANY inquires, come down. It's FREE, he will answer ALL of your questions, he has nothing to hide. Come down, have a roll with us, either on open mat, or come in for the lessons and judge yourself and ask him. You guys seem pretty savvy about who is legit or not, so why not actually come down and decide yourself, after you've rolled with us and after you've spoken to Dan personally, and not just talk about it on the forum, come and see for yourselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack_the_lad View Post
    I can assure you that he is a legit purple belt in BJJ. the reason why he doesn't want to explain everything over personal messages is because of the habit of people making decisions based on the internet. .
    So who gave him his Purple? Why would people make decisions or judge him (ubnless if he was given his belt by Stevie Wonder). it's usually a done thing where, if you claim to be a grade in BJJ you are expected to say who gave you the belt. refusing to say who gave it to you, because of 'Politics' or what 'Trolls on teh interWeBs' say doesn't really cut it TBH. Sorry.

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