Just wanted to update you all coz I just heard - Matt from Dan Wait's Revolution Gym (as mentioned in Chris Bishop's earlier post) has just got back from his CMDP Trainers Program with Rodney King. Mat attended the Crazy Monkey Jits assessment (which was a 2 hour seminar lesson and a 20 min grappling roll) and was awarded a BLUE BELT by Rodney. Well Done Matt!!!! Matt has only been training BJJ for the past 6 months or so and has trained solely with Dan Wait. I'm sure Matt would agree that his success is also down to the amazing quality of coaching he has received from Dan - Great Stuff Dan! Perhaps this now alleviates any concern you had with the quality of Dan's coaching Chris? Perhaps an apology is in order? I don't know - It takes a big man to acknowledge when their judgment is wrong. Micky B - As you seem to be the guy with the biggest spoon on this thread - maybe you should have just popped down to the gym and had a chat with Dan. You too could be receiving the same quality of coaching that Matt did. Or maybe you should just stick to keyboard tapping - it seems to be what you're good at.