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Thread: revlution bjj in lincolnshire

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    Talking bjj police

    i live in lincoln and have been having good laugh at this as far as im aware the only 1 guy in lincoln who holds a grade in bjj and coaches legititamtley i forgot his name but trains from lincoln judo acadamy and holds a blue belt from italo ferreia think thats how u spell it this revolution looks all razzle dazzle and no substance ive trained in lincoln for few years and never heard of this guy and is very small community in lincoln have also heard other slighty odd storys from hear but there for another time. i agree with what the bjj police are doin more to point surely these phoneys wud get found out the first time they rolled havin rolled with few black belts i no i can tell difference and i got 2nd dan in judo

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    What I dont get about TMA guys claiming to be BJJ black belts is they all make insane claims about their records or the fact they are 17th degree or some shit. If i was going to make a false claim then I would at least do a bit of research and come up with a believable background story.

    Also why do they buy a BJJ gi but dont bother buying a proper BJJ black belt?
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    He's got a brazilian patch on his gi. That's good enough for me - probably legit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post

    Fuck ! dont mess ... that green belt looks nuts..
    They look like some sort of distorted band of comedy vigilantes, who practice playing power rangers in the living room on sleepovers.

    Fucking funny picture!

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    nerdy, mcdojo, fake cunts, are the words i think sums them up best!
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    Dan Waits has been caught faking his belt again.This time claiming to be a Purple Belt under Jay Pages team.
    I have checked with Jay Pages and no one on his team awarded Dan a belt.

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    Read through all that and still none the wiser who gave dan waits his purple belt feeling really hard done by lol!

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