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Thread: revlution bjj in lincolnshire

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    im very proud to tell everyone who gave me my purple belt
    pm me for more details. lol

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    Default Honest John is OUTED

    Quote Originally Posted by No Really - Honest View Post

    Its all very well picking someone up on their personal social skills Duncan?, but lets face it, yours can be sorely lacking.

    The gym in Lincoln has recently opened full time with a great programme of BJJ and mixed martial arts throughout the week (I live just around the corner from it). I agree, the gym was a dive 3 years ago, but that was when Dan was renting the room off someone else. Its now his and has been decked out to provide a fantastic gym, not only for martial arts but also for kettlebell and weight training.

    Maybe "Honest John", before you start making comment, you should pop in and see the gym I'm sure Dan would love to see you. Or he could just bump into you in Asdas.

    Also, I'm interested to know what the BJJ Police look like? Do they wear blue flashing lights on their head or does the light reflect their rank?!!!! How naff is that!
    OK so I am rumbled.

    Gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Duncan and I have a part time job in Asda. OK so its not very sexy as jobs go but it helps keep the wolves from the door.

    Also Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Dan "No Really - Honest" Wait about who this thread discusses. I know its you Dan, no one else could say the things you've said from your club and I did see you in Asda 2 or 3 weeks ago.

    I stand corrected Dan, you did tell me you were a brown belt on 30th December 2007 so hands up, my mistake although I am sure I heard the words "black belt" from your mouth or from one of your other students. My memory is not all that though, so it is possible that with all the testosterone floating about I misheard.

    In the same email you said ( and I quote directly from that email ) that you have trained with/under Larry Hartsell, Dan Inosanto, Rick Young, Mike Faraone, Lesley Onyesh, Richard Marlow, Eric Paulson, Frank Shamrock, Dog Brothers, Paul Vunak, Jerry Poteet, Ted Wong, Jesse Glover, Howard Williams and Tommy Carruthers.

    Thats a very impressive roll call, there are only 4 names on mine, your the first Dan.

    You signed off that email saying

    "Kindest Regards,

    Dan Wait, BSc, PhD

    Certified Instructor Under Sifu Jerry Poteet
    Certified FULL Instructor Under Sifu Paul Vunak
    Official Rep & Instructor Under Sifu Tommy Carruthers"

    No mention of anything BJJ related.

    Dan, I apologise for posting those links in the way I did, it was childish of me. I came to this forum after my current instructor told me people were questioning your claims.

    I did a Boolean search on google and they were the links that came up.

    I have a lower 2nd class honours degree in psychology, a post graduate diploma in ICT and I am a MLTB summer conditions trained mountain guide.

    These are all things I have earned myself and am proud to have done so. I hold no martial arts grade of any sort under anyone, shit I wouldn't even call myself a BJJ practitioner.

    JKD, yes, Kali, yes - BJJ, not really.

    I train because I enjoy training - simple as. I have nothing to prove and am proud of my achievements.

    So - even with only a brown belt in Karate your still streets ahead of me Dan, who am I to criticise?

    BUT - this thread is not about me is it Dan? Its about you and the claims you are making about your BJJ.

    Im not making any claims about anything, I have apologised here for posting childish links and for saying your a black belt when your not.

    Jobs a goodun.

    You still working for B.T. Dan or have you quit that to run your gym fulltime?

    Im still writing, still involved with the Police. My daughter (who was still inside mum when I stopped training with you) is 2 now and starting to talk more and more.

    So come on Dan, now we all know your on here clear the air and come clean about your lineage. After all thats what this thread is about.

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    Now we have that bit of drama out the way, what belt in BJJ is Dan Waits, and who gave it to him?

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    I thought the Bridlington karate thread on efn was pure gold, but this one is starting to challenge it....

    PS. I haven't written a lineage as I haven't got a coloured belt yet!! But you can bet that I already know EXACTLY what that lineage will be when I get do get promoted.

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    Guys, I woke up today and was wondering something...

    "Who promoted Dan Waits to purple belt?"

    Can anyone help me? -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    Guys, I woke up today and was wondering something...

    "Who promoted Dan Waits to purple belt?"

    Can anyone help me?
    is funny fren,i wok up with Murilo Bustamante in my gwarde.

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    How did he get there?

    I have this problem where Ricardo Arona is in my guard and I don't know how he got there.

    Also, who gave Dan Wait his purple belt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by creonte View Post
    is funny fren,i wok up with Murilo Bustamante in my gwarde.
    How did he get there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murgy909 View Post
    How did he get there?
    Why do you wanna know that... that's a Fag question dude!
    Danger is my business

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    Don't blame me dude, it's ze mario's fault x

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