Fight Dentist Fangs Mouthguard |

The design is similar to what Andrei Arlovski, Dan Hardy and what other MMA fighters use.

These only used to be available through a custom design which cost up to a few hundred dollars through your dentists and numerous custom mouthguard companies but now it's available for 30 bucks. (20 GBP, which is pretty much half the price of a proper custom mouthguard here in the UK)

I'd pick one up because it's cheap and because of the looks but I doubt that it will match the level of protection of custom mouthguards as it is a boil and bite. Though, these are "constructed with PolyShok (Professional mouthguards formed with PolyShoK technology are safer for athletes and can absorb 150% more impact energy than ordinary EVA mouthguards)"

I wonder who will be the first retailers to pick these up and bring them to UK shores.