Having trained briefly under a Chute Boxe instructor in Toronto last week (http://www.cagewarriors.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=54199) I was very keen to try and see what differences in styles there were to a more traditional muay thai club such as where I train in the UK.

Given that I only attended one class the only thing I noticed myself, was that they were regularly drilling and working flying knees. Something we only do once in a blue moon. When speaking to the guys training this was strange to them, and so I presume it is typical for them to work these more aggressive techniques regularly.

Speaking to the coaches I was told (albeit through their broken English and my terrible Portuguese) that it was a lot about training reactions and head movement.

Does anyone on here have experience or insight into both styles that could add to or correct this view of the contrast between styles?

Thanks, Sam.