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Thread: Unwelcome at new gym....

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    Quote Originally Posted by KidKimura View Post
    I've always found the attitude of people at a club to be a big deciding factor on whether or not I wanna train there, seeing as I train mainly just for fun.

    At the minute I train at 2 places, both full of really friendly, hard-working guys.

    My advice to a total newbie would be just to relax, everyone was a beginner once and we all remember what it was like, just try hard, do what the instructor tells you, and don't be afraid to ask your training partner for some advice if you're just not getting something.
    Top post!

    I constantly ask for advice from people I roll with, Wax/Saville at Caged Steel are awesome for giving extra advice

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    Sorry for the TTT but this threads great, hoping to do my first sessions tomorrow, hope i dont make any these mistakes hehe, need to just get in touch with infinity MMA before tomorrow evening, if anyone who trains there on here give me a message?

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    good luck dude, enjoy yourself.

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    Just have fun, and be respectful, you'll be fine ME

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackdogmma View Post
    I would like to think that for the most part my gym is a friendly place, but the lads all know when i give them the nod, to give the target a hard time and scare him off. in fact we make a little competition of it to see who can be the roughest without letting on, you win if you can make the target leave before class is over.

    You only become the target if you are on the list:

    Mr bad work ethic - everyone else in the entire room is drilling the technique, but this guy thinks that repetition is for other people, he is doing something different every fucking time you look over, which wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt for the fact that whoever is partnered with him suffers too.

    Mr Bad sport - shouts stop every time hes about to get submitted, siteing some old recurring injury as the reason, but the ailment is mysteriously absent when he is tapping out the noobs.

    Mr Big Mouth - some or all of the doormen who train with the team recognise this guy as boasting to the girls outside a nightclub about his 100-0 cagefighting career, several of these cases are actually overheard using my gyms name to lend credability to their boast. i dont even have to give the guys the nod when these dickheads show up, theres nothing they hate more than someone stealing their glory.

    Coward - begs everyone to go light with him as he's nervous, and then trys to mangle the 14 year old kid whos half his weight and is only training with the adults because he too good for all the kids his age.

    Cowardly bad sport - as above, but actually gets leg locked by said 14 year old, then trys to save face by telling everyone he 'let the lad have it'.

    Sandbagger - lies about previous experience in a combat sport like Judo or kickboxing and expects everyone to believe hes a natural.

    the Spy - sent from the local karate/kickboxing club to see how an MMA class is run, because they want to cash in and add a cardio-mma session to thier timetable.

    Exotic move guy - most coaches will probably know this guy as the rubber guard guy, he comes in on his first lesson and right in the middle of being shown a basic techniques ask you when he will get to learn (insert exotic move). this guy only gets half a treatment, just enough for him to realise that he needs to focus on basics. (in other words this guy is curable)

    I have noticed that a heirachy of sorts has formed at my gym, the best/most consistant fighters at the top, then those who have competed, then guys who have yet to compete but have a good work ethic.

    Anyone else is outside the circle, some people have asked me why dont i do something about it, but i prefer to tell those outside the circle what to do to earn the fighters respect.

    Competing fighters respect one thing above all else, a good training partner, someone who will help them to sharpen their game. you dont have to try and leapfrog their experience and skill, just work hard and try things on them, there is nothing worse than a guy who won't throw the punch or try the submission because he knows it's going to fail, do it and let him work on his defence.

    Once i explain that to them, if they think thats unfair, then they are clearly not cut out for this game, and are certainly of no use to the team.

    In short if you find yourself training at a place and you get a bit of a frosty reception, its probably because that gym has had its share of dickheads, and they will just take a bit of time to warm to you, provided of course you aren't on the above list. The key elements to remember are:

    1) keep your mouth shut
    2) train hard
    3) when partnered with a competing fighter, try stuff.
    4) watch them warm to you
    5) profit
    Great post,made me wish i was still training.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTobes View Post
    i got a lovely reception when i started kickboxing at my local place in west london (combat temple), very friendly, but i just adhered to blackdogmma's sage rules!

    but its still intimidating going to a new gym with established regulars
    Combat Temple!!! What a small world!
    The trainer Reza Khodaei trained at my gym for a while when he first came to this country.

    Yes they are friendly and they have a good fighter called Abdul Majeed who won his debut match on my show
    Looking for K-1 Kickboxers ALL Levels 26th Feb

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