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Thread: The Scheme

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    It was on Monday past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allan Shrek View Post
    I actually really like how they've worked the show. Peaked interest early by having the whacky comedy antics and patter and having it all light hearted and played for laughs to bring in viewers and get people interested.
    Then they've moved the story on once people are watching in a darker direction into a much more realistic potrayal of the grim and hopeless desperation of living in poverty surrounded by drug addiction that exists in schemes in the west of scotland. The scenes with the guy shooting up were really powerful and emotive, I think it's good emotive documentary film making.

    But anyway this is cagewarriors and is no place for that sort of patter.

    Which of the birds in it would you have a go of (after they've had a wash of course).
    At which point does it become serious? I will stop watching it then..... never even heard of this before, sounds like car crash tv!
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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