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Thread: Ea Mma Live Broadcast Gameplay Omg!

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    Default Ea Mma Live Broadcast Gameplay Omg!


    Check out the vid half way down, this game is gonna be immense!

    Basically you can scan your face and stic it to your fighter, record smack talk and choose people to watch you fight others so you can have people linked in as an audience, the commentry is dynamic as is the mid fight hype as you build your character... looks pretty funny, gonna have loads of wanna be geeks smack talking behind magnifiying glasses and greasy hair and prawn crackers lol

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    looks good for game play but I doubt I will be watching "virtual" MMA fights with my friend anytime soon, although it would be good to see some smack talk from here
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    Definitely going to buy this out of pure curiosity, they will have to make it pretty different to the UFC title to capture the market

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    LOL@ melendez and mayhem happily playing together, im sure melendez played a big role in mayhem getting his ass kicked after that strikeforce event?
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