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Thread: MMA Torrents

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    I am not sure, as I do not know of the place that doesn't exist.

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    Usenet. Nzb's the way to go!

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    id love a invite if only it existed as well. im a experianced torrenter with over a tera byte uploaded on the main site i use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evzy View Post
    Usenet. Nzb's the way to go!
    what site do you use for that? not re-newed my subscription in ages but only ever had TUF and UFC updates.. couldn't find much in the way of other events.. if I could download whatever the fight game equivelent to a discography is from other shows I'd definitely renew
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    nothing I do keeps my ratio up. Even when I upload torrents not held by the site my speed is so shite for the upload as soon as others start seeding they get all the props. Basically I can't win, when I download I hang on to the torrent for about a month and seed but my average up speed is about 6kbps and my download is 1.1Mbps so any advise would be apreciated as after 4 years of membership my ratio only stays relevent with donations

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    newsgroups! torrents are shite !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkne$s View Post
    what does the vip status do?
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    Could I get some info on the place that doesn't exist? How can you join and suchlike? This can be discussed in hushed tones by PM.

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    Torrents are just a pain in the arse, any MMA event I have wanted to watch I can buy on ebay/amazon for less than a fiver.

    I do get films from the pirate bay but when I seed it makes my internet pretty much unusable.

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    I buy all of the UFC/Pride/Hero's DVD's but you cannot get Dream or Sengoku on DVD with English commentary. I want Shooto and Jewels as well but I don't think they are available anyway with English commentary.

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