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Thread: Cagewarriors Poker Tounament.

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    i'm in. although i think i banned myself from stars after a bad beat driven rant at the support team.
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    Are we still waiting for this poker tourney to happen or did i miss it???

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    Guys just had this email from poekrsatrs about their new Poker Club thing.

    Basically you can set up a privtae club, invite people to join and set up games, ring our tournament. Dunno about anybody else but I'd rather player ring than tourney.

    Check it out :
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    prefer tourneys myself, but wold play a bit of cash on stars with guys from here

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    I'd be game for a tourney like, not keen on ring games

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    None of you would beat the Northern Cartel guys. We have regular face to face games and any forum members should pm if interested in losing money

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    I love poker if you have a time/day/site i would be up for joining the site and joining in

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    where's your game based?

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    Me m8s really gud at poker lyk. I used to play prety serius to back in the day. Ah did a few gamez with sum undergrounde tornies adn that. Topd out at 14k all in. Wudnt mynd haven a crack at this.

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