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Thread: McGovern Academy / Impact Martial Arts?

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    Default McGovern Academy / Impact Martial Arts?

    Both Simon McGovern and Dave Carnell teach from the same building now, have McGovern Academy and Impact Martial Arts joined forces? I think Simon's classes are on different nights to Dave's but they both teach JKD and BJJ. What's the crack?

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    I was originally an instructor at Impact Martial Arts Academy. Dave Carnell and myself both had different BJJ instructors, Dave under Carlos Lemos Jr, myself under Lucio "Lagarto" Rodrigues. I opened another school in 2006 teaching BJJ, Wrestling and MMA because after 16 years training and teaching at Impact, it was time to experience teaching my own students in my own facility. After 3 years of teaching in seperate locations I was invited back to Impact as head coach and partner to develop the BJJ, Wrestling and MMA training there under the banner of Gracie Barra Lagarto Stoke. Dave Carnell in now under Lucio "Lagarto" Rodrigues too so the entire school is now one family again with both our collective students training together.

    Dave Carnell has always, and remains to be, my JKD and Kali teacher. As a side to the now 20 years I have spent with Dave, I have travelled and trained BJJ, MMA and Wrestling with many people. It is a pleasure to bring this back to Impact in a partnership that we feel will be of great benefit to our collective students. Its shows great character of Dave that, as a man in his 50's, he is still continuing to allow his students to progress in a direction that we both feel is needed. Impact is a great school, with a solid legacy. I look forward to taking Impact into the future, and to continuing this tradition.

    Hope this answers your question?

    Simon McGovern.
    Head Coach: Gracie Barra Stoke / Impact Martial Arts Academy.
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    It certainly does Simon, thank you for taking the time to explain.

    Impact does sound very good indeed.

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