Hello all,

Peter Adams is a 16yo BJJ competitor (Gi & No-Gi) who represents Gracie Barra Walsall.

Anyone who has seen him compete or trains with him will tel you how talented the kid is.

He is easily the most dedicated and hard working member of our team. He trains fulltime and plays a major part in the Gracie Barra Walsall team.

He also competes on a regular basis and plans on travelling to every major competition that allows his age to compete next year.

......This is where you guys come in.

Every little helps, any money that Peter doesnt have to spend on supplements, equipment etc can go towards paying for his flights and entry fees for competitions.

In return you as a company will get your brands advertised at all competitions, wether in the UK or abroad.

Every now and then the UK produces a superstar.....Peter is defiantely one of these! his competition results back this up...

His 'major' competition results:
European championships 2010 - bronze
British Open Gi championships 2010 - gold
British Open No-Gi championships - gold
Gracie invitational 2010 - silver
Braulio Estima challenge 1st leg 2009 - gold
Braulio Estima challenge 2nd leg 2009 - gold
U.M.A British kids open gi in derby 2009 - gold
U.M.A British kids open no-gi in derby 2009 - gold
Gracie invitational 2008 - gold

please if you can help in anyway at all, get in touch via my e-mail at stevelangford@hotmail.com

thankyou for your time