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    Default training in thailand

    i'm planning to go out and train at fairtex bangpleyai, just outside bangkok later in the year, but i was wondering if there were any other campsaround bangkok that i should consider, and has anyone else trained there whats it like?


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    what are you looking to do train hard and nothing else ot have a bit of a holiday as well, whats your Thai experience etc. prob best putting this is the muay thai forum

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    probably should have put it in the thai forum sorry guys.
    i'm just going to train hard not so much for a holiday

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    better camps than fairtex these days mate, its a mobed money machine

    why not choose

    Jittis (my fav)
    Sit A-Or

    all in bangkok dotted about x and better choices i think personally - if ytou want to go train then dont go to the beachs -

    can go to raja/lumpinee/omnoi/ch7 stadiums too ...much better than the island fights...

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    Kiatphontip's a good choice for quality training with the benefit Rob Cox being there speaking fluent thai and obviously English

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    id say Jittis due to my 10yrs of going there ;-) his wife Sara speaks perfect english as shes from Sheffield - but any of the above are good....

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