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    Default Tokyo Five brand

    ...I dont understand why their graphics are in Chinese?

    I spotted the Tokyo Five 'Fu Board Shorts' and saw that it had 'Tokyo Five' written on the leg in Chinese.

    I then went to the 'About Us' part of the page and it says;
    "TOKYO FIVE is a Denim and Sportswear Lifestyle Brand inspired by Classic American Workwear and the Samurai Fighting Spirit. Our Hanya logo is taken directly from a Japanese samurai mask dating back to Fuedal Japan.

    This represents the Bushido (THE WAY of the Warrior) philosophy: Bravery, Honor, Loyalty, Respect, and Wisdom. They are part of the Japanese code of conduct."
    Even the characters on that page are all Chinese characters.

    Errrrr... there's alot of emphasis on Japan there... Chinese isn't Japanese and yes we do wash our knees.
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    Because according to America, Europe, Africa and Asia are all homogenous lumps. Chinese/Japanese/Thai, etc = Asian.

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    Those letter are Japanese Kanji. Kanji and Chinese share characters but are not pronounced the same nor do they hold the same meaning. I've seen people mixed up by this more often than not...

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    Share isn't accurate, up until the simplification of the character sets, Kanji WERE Chinese characters, the clue is in the name Kanji = Han Characters.

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