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    Hi Guys,

    At the risk of being killed I have wanted for a while to start training in MMA. I have just moved to Leeds right next to a place called Jimmys Fitness Centre which advertises MMA. I can't find a website for it and was just wondering if anyone trained there or could tell me a bit more,

    Thanks in advance


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    Heres a option mate have a look here -

    Marcelo Brigadeiro is doing a Luta Livre seminar there on the 20th of this month aswell from 12-4pm
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    Leedscage is my other option as it isn't a million miles from me, so I could get their relatively easy after work. No car at the minute so relying on my legs or public transport. Jimmys is right behind my house so is as easy as I could get but am open to options, if the place is open to beginners thats a main thing for me. It's not easy being in a city where i don't know anybody, back home I could convince a mate to come train with me

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    Drop them a E-mail but ill be shocked if they dont cater for all standards.


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    If that's Jimmy's place in Calverley then you're in luck as he is a very highly regarded wrestling coach, of which there aren't many in Yorkshire. I'm not sure who does the MMA there, but it's a great spot to do some wrestling with high calibre guys.

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    Also have:

    Seen them at shows and they have beginner lessons it says on site!

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    I think Jimmy has some old MMA posters in the gym. No classes there that i know of other than the wrestling (which is quality).

    Classes as mentioned above but also Flacks Gym which is in Eccleshill (not that far from you). Just off the roundabout near Morrisons.
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    I emailed LeedsCage as they'd be easiest to get a bus to. They told me to just come along. I assume most people willtrain in shorts and tee? Will i be expected to bring any protection or will it not matter at first?



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    Shorts n tee is fine at Leeds Cage, they cater for beginners and generally nice folk down there.

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