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Thread: BJJ Black Belt in Carluke?

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    The guy is called Jay, he runs the Darkness fight club in Carluke (at the recreation centre where he also works) and has posted on the forum a few times under the clubs name, He may have very well claimed to be a BJJ black belt, but I'm guessing there were probably ladies present at the time. If he reads this he's more than welcome to confirm or deny this. You need to be careful what you say to lady folks me thinks. Of course he may very well be a BJJ black belt in which case I mean no disrespect sir

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    Well if he's from the UK then the chances of him being a BJJ Black Belt are zilch as there are a) not that many and b) all who do have that rank are widely known. Never heard this guys name before.

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    Well folks nice to know im the centre of attention, firstly tho I'd like to say if all the clubs and members on here stopped hating each other and actually banded together and learnt that martial arts is one long journey and that we r all learning all the time and dropped some ego then we might actuall catch up with English or even American Mma... Yes I was a black belt in bjj, do I consider myself one now? No I don't as I have suffered a fractured cervical spine, ie I broke my neck, so can no longer role really, and have nt been able to since my accident in 2006! Yes my fight team is darkness Mma and currently we r very small, although we do have a few fighters on some cards soon for which I need to thank these shows for giving a small club a chance, ur all welcome to come have a look, but only if u bring a attitude to learn, even if it's just one small thing...... Hope that helps

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    cool man! - who did you get your black belt from?
    sorry to hear about your accident,
    best of luck with your club...

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    Who gave you your BB and where? Hard to believe that a Scottish Blackbelt slipped under the radar.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Who awarded you your BJJ black belt and when?

    Any details you can give help.

    Having a BJJ black belt in 2006 would put you in an elite few UK players who had received that honour.

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    Been logged in for over half an hour and no reply!
    Not hard questions to answer.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    I'm not Scottish for a start I'm English, lol (here we go) i'm not a radar kinda person, specially now, as iv said I'm happy to have anybody come to my club and talk to me in which case i'll give u pictures, certificates and any dates and names u want, face to face.... And I passed in America not here as iv been lucky enough to train with some very good guys, as supposedly knowing every bjj in the country then I would say well done, ur memory is as better than mine, since I could nt name all the gracie s let alone a whole country s worth. I hope to see u soon, I will be at Sfc with a couple of my fighters if anybody would like to speak to me. Also I would like to say my club is about my fighters now, not a ego trip for me... Iv got two guys to get in shape, and they r my priority now. Hope that's ok and if it's not then I will allow my students to show there skills as my defence. Thank u

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    Oh and staffie mate, I use my iPhone so i don't know if this makes a difference to logging me in and out, as far as I'm concerend I'm always logged in on this thing.... But if u doubt me ok, I can live with that.... A shame that u have to be so negative to maybe make u feel better about yourself. As said before I'm only a small club, but if only all the big clubs could band together and suppress this attitude of all out war with each other Scottish Mma, which I love would maybe do better, would nt that be better than half arsed comments on a Mma site.

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