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Thread: "The Real Deal" 9th July Andover, Fighters Needed!

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    Default "The Real Deal" 9th July Andover, Fighters Needed!

    Updated on Thurs 24/6 to save people reading through to the end!

    We are now after 1 fighter at 90kg and a possible 1 at 104kg.. Plus a possible female novice at 56kg?

    Both fighters are novices and happy to take amatuer or semi pro level fights

    Can cover travel expenses in the south, (its a fundraiser) Please message me for details.

    This event is to raise money for the England Ju Jitsu team so they can compete in the World Championships in Las Vegas in Sept, your support is greatfully recieved even if its just wishing our fighters all the best :-)
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    We desperately need 2 good fighters at 85kg and 90kg to fight our top guys 10-10-0 and 2-1-0, can cover some travel expenses? talk to me people :-)

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    94 views and not a single response! we have the 85kg fight sorted, so now its just 90kg.. is there any new/good fighters at 90kg in the central south up for a fight night?

    Refs and judges are independant, Medic in attendance, trophies for all fighters.. anything i'm missing thats stopping you fighting?

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    Need a ref? I'm only in Reading.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    If you fancy more action afterwards, head to Life and let it be known that you think squaddies are cunts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temeura View Post
    If you fancy more action afterwards, head to Life and let it be known that you think squaddies are cunts
    PMSL!! you have been here before Temeura! Fancy being on the card?

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    Andover born & bred. Artists Way FTW!

    Unfortunately, I am in know position to fight

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    Shame that would have been a nice 'return' to Andover!

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    Maybe next time. Where are you holding the event? Leisure Centre?

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    no, thats a bit big for us for fundraising maybe next time or possibly the bowling club in Witchurch?.. this ones in the hayward suite of the Wolversdene Club..
    Thanks to those guys who have pm'd me.. we are still looking for a 90kg and 65kg fighter if anyone can help please?

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