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Thread: MMA/MT clubs in/near Wellingborough

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    Default MMA/MT clubs in/near Wellingborough

    Hi, Just moved here and I was was wondering if there was any clubs in the area anyone could recommend, Thanks

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    Nearest would be bst in npton regards to quality and facilities..
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    nearest to you is Kettering Shootfighters in Regent st, its at Ricochet Gym with runs MT classes also.
    MMa is Mon-Thurs 7-8 and Sat 10-12 classes generally m=stand up, tue= ground and so on...sat = all round/sparring
    All this is done to a good standard with a real mix of levels and commitment run by Pat .....everybody always welcome also a "sister club" to Tsunami in Cambs.
    MT classes most nights of the week also with regular inter clubs and local shows.
    Finally following the hard sell of KSF theres a show in Northampton this Sat at Lava Ignite "MMA Battle Arena3" - PM me if your interesting in tickets as there is loads of local clubs attending!

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    Just wanted to a big sorry for the poor grammer in the last post!

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    hi mate. i used to live in wellingbourough. trained at kettering shootfighters a few times. great class with a really friendly bunch of guys. i mainly trained in wellingborough at the local judo/kickboxing club were we started to incorporate mma aswell. not the highest level of mma but worth a look. some good stand up. havent been for a few years so not sure whats what but worth checking out.

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