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Thread: Have you ever been searched by the police?

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    got searched once by local policeman when I was about 16, he did it just because he could, said he was checking for drugs, but he knew I never did any as I was mates with his little bro.
    and after that just a few times when i've been pulled over for speeding or something so cant really complain too much

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    Once took a beating at the hands of the British Transport Police. Considering we were all aged 14 and they smashed my friends hand in a door and beat them both for a length of time (when we came peacefully) and barked racist abuse at him and my other mate for 3 hours I can safely say I have every right to be a little suspicious of the motivations of most cops.

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    Have been searched a few times ,the most embarressing was back in my raving days as a teenager .being strip searched while E'ing off your head must have done wonders for the coppers self esteem as he saw all our tiny acorn sized doodahs !

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    Got held at gunpoint by the Guardia Civil in Spain once. They are some scary fuckers.

    It was late at night and after consuming some beverages in my apartment my friend who was over on holiday wanted to get 'a pick me up' and meet a 'friendly lady'. Luckily both available at a place not too far from my gaff. So I books a taxi to take 4 of us to the house of ill repute owned my a pal of mine so all my mates desires could be catered for.

    So we goes outside my block to get the cab and 2 drunk twats were trying to get into my taxi. So we told them to fuck right off and got in the cab.

    We pulled out of my block and headed off down the main road. About 300 meters down the road was a roundabout with a Guardia road block across it.

    I thought we would be fine as we were in a taxi and as a rule they don't fuck with tourists in taxis. Well it must have been the end of the month and they were skint because they pulled the cab over and started rinsing out the driver for his documents. I looked at the driver and he was shitting it so I thought we were fucked.

    Now it is illegal not to carry I'd in Spain and you can be arrested for that alone so there are 6 Guardia with machine guns pointed at us and asked my 3 mates in the back to get out 1 by 1. Mate No 1 is on the run from the UK for various things, mate No 2 has ID and mate No 3 is stuffing his weed down the back of the taxi seat. None of them speak a word of spanish.

    So I bite the bullet and call the very large Guardia over and explain that I'm the only one who speaks spanish and he is best off talking to me.

    So 3 mates lined up with hands on top of the taxi in the 'spread em' position and me getting eye balled by a dude who was 6'6" looking down on me. My hoop was doing the 5p, 50p, 5p, 50p.

    All in Spanish....

    What you doing? Going to a bar senior
    Where you been? My apartment senior. It's just down the road *pointing to my block*
    Why are you in Spain? Holiday (lies)
    When you going home? Tomorrow (I has a plane ticket in my pocket for the next day)

    So he is eye balling me with the 6 guns and all of a sudden a massive loud scream comes out the darkness and the 2 drunken twats who tried to steal my taxi stumble out the darkness. All 6 guns swoop round and point at them. My big dude looks at them being twats and looks at me and my mates and says "have a safe journey home" and waves us off.

    We jump in the cab and scream drive, drive, drive. As the guardia grab these 2 twats and start giving them a good kicking. How we laughed at them in the rear view mirror.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    LOL ^^^ I went to a Jungle Fever (I think) where as you walked in they had a strip search on the door by the cops. Basically randomly strip searching people in the cue. I was unlcuky and got the search, they releaved me of over a 1/4 ounce of high grade, cautioned me there (I had to sign the paperwork basically in the rave) and then let me back into the venue LMFAO. Best thing about it, and this is no lie no joke, is I had to lie about my age as I was 15. Not only that but the room all this was happeneing was very busy, loads of people getting cautioned or nicked, and the cautioning officer was so preocupied he signed under the signiture of accused and I signed under arresting officer LMFAO. I kept the paper work - gonna have a hunt for it when I get home/ Cos I ended up off my trolley gurning at the cops to a backdro of Brian G and GQ or some shit LOL

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    Sledge was not laughing at that DAMN! No I was posting after Old man raver!

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    got stopped and searched a couple of times, once i was walking down town with a tesco bag, had some milk bread etc, got stopped and searched because someones flat got robbed and i had a bag....cunts.

    also got stopped and searched for "looking furtive"! i had a lift home off a mate, got dropped off round the corner and realised my mobile had slipped out of my pocket in his car so was hurrying home to call him...cunts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaolinSubz02 View Post
    Sledge was not laughing at that DAMN! No I was posting after Old man raver!
    Old man raver was funny.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Ive been searched a few times.

    1st one when I was 17 was the scariest/most exciting. I was in a pub and I had some pills with me(some hidden in a stash lighter and some in a little baggy), I was just on the way out the door to head to the cash machine when one of the lads called me back and asked for a few pills, so I just threw him the baggy and headed out(still with the pills in the lighter) decided to take a shortcut to the ATM via a side street...where the drug squad were lying in wait.

    I nearly shit my fucking pants when they were searching me, at one stage the cop had my keys/phone/pills in his hand examining what he had found with his flash light. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud when he handed everything back to me and sent me on my way. Had my mate not called me back on the way out the door Id have been caught rotten.

    3 or 4 times where I was pulled and searched just because I was on my way into clubs where the cops expected drugs to be in use.

    Once when myself and a mate were twisted and decided it might be fun to try get into the lock up at the back of the cop shop to try have a look at the confiscated cars.

    Then the gaff i was sharing with a few mates(who once upon a time used to knock out a bit of charlie) got raided. Arrived home from work to find a bunch of cops and a sniffer dog tearing my gaff to bits.
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