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Thread: Interested in Bikes/TT races?

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    Default Interested in Bikes/TT races?

    The TT races have just finished here on the Isle of man, and someone mentioned to me that i really missed out on a trick, in that i could have rented out the school for some bikers to bunk down in for the two weeks.

    to be honest the thought had occured to me, but im not really comfortable with the idea of strangers in my facility when im not there.

    Then it occured to me that there may be some biker or bike race enthusiasts amongst my MMA brothers who were lookng for a cheap place to stay for the two weeks who were willing to rough it out with some sleeping bags in a draughty warehouse.

    So i thought i would check and see if there was any interest for next year?

    I would post pictures of the place, but i've just moved and its looking more like a building site than anything else.

    i will post some pics when i get it looking how i want, especially some of the fridge.

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    not me personally but i know a lot of guys would really appreciate it if you did it

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    Im a huge bike fan, if i had the funds id be club racing for sure, all iv ever wanted to do really.......

    Would be well up for it, i ride a zx6r btw.

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    Have family in the IOM so I'm sorted! But I'm always up for visitng new gyms for a bit of training. You have a PM.
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    thanks for the input guys, i will give serious thought to this.

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    I'm interested


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