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    Hey guys just looking for some advice on which club is the best out of Sor Thanikul and Team Phoenix. I am a complete beginner but I do want the best training.

    Due to not being able to drive I dont wanna be travelling to long cos I'm hoping to do 4 classes a week. If anyone knows of any better clubs then please let me know, cheers

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    Nobody is gonna come out and say which club is better.

    Try them both and see which one suits you.

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    I didnt really mean it as it sounded, but anyways thanks

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    There is also try them all out and see what one you like the best

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    Thanks Hassan, I'm spoilt with choice, too many good clubs

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    If you can travel a little further and wait till August there is also ME

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    Clearly im biased, but The Faktory is quality mate. Great coaches, Friendly environment, good kit (new cage), all round great gym. You would be more than welcome mate.
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