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Thread: Best gum shield

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    I have an Opro - excellent, far far better than the various shock doctors i have had in terms of fit, comfort, ease of breathing.
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    Opro are a bit of a pain in the arse with regards the prices for the more custom finishes. I would keep it simple and go with the standard block colours. You want the shield to do a job not look fancy and for what extra you are goin to pay on custom design you could buy another standard colour and have a spare.

    Just my thought.

    ps the Promotion is finishing at the end of June as the rep is collecting all the excess stock and is replacing them with Platinum.

    the question of cost of shield to teeth ~ I went arse over tit doing snow boarding and the cost of a broken tooth was 85.00 - the next time I am boarding I am wearing my shield.

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    With the opro customs, what else do you have to do (eg. send it to them etc.) and how much more does it cost?

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    Hi Ben

    You simply mould it ( using the all the gear in the pack ) then fill out the application form plus add any other info - design aspects etc ( which are more expensive ) - then pop it in the bag supplied and simply pay for the postage to get it to them which should cost about 1.50 at the most.

    7 to 14 days and they send the shield back.

    They are great price for a great shield but start to get expensive the more details you add.

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    I'll be ordering one of those Opro's as soon as I get paid on the 28th!

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    got shed loads in at the moment so not going to run out and dont forgot to use the code

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    Ordered my Opro gum shield kit from CKA on Thursday night and received it this morning. Fantastic service!

    It is just a shame that I am a retard and somehow managed to do the moulding wrong!! At least I managed to do the Opro Bronze boil & bite correctly.

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    send the pack back to Opro with your name and address and what went wrong and they will send a replacment out

    ps tell them you bought it from me - just dont tell them how much you paid

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    Best Mouthguard I've used, bought it after reading this thread and defo happy with it.
    Thanks CKA

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    I rang them yesterday and they are sending me some more putty out. Not a major problem, just a slight delay!

    To be fair, the Bronze Gum Shield they give you is not too bad.

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