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Thread: Favourite live bands?

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    Default Favourite live bands?

    and favourite live songs/clips, adds videos if possible.

    mine are oasis and greenday, both i think are brilliant live. greenday actually said that unlike most bands who tour to promote albums, greenday actually release albums to promote tours, they see themselves as a live band.

    oasis, maine road 1996, at the peak of their powers, quality live performance:

    cast no shadow

    wembley 2000:

    supersonic (imo the best live song i've ever heard, guitar solo especially)
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    rage against the machine by a mile they where class i was going off my tits at T in the Park gutted i missed the free gig in Finsbury park i couldnt get accommodation cheap enough
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    Dropkick Murphys at Leeds Academy t'other month were fuckin brilliant.

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    Rage Against the Machine were immense on Saturday at Donington.

    But my two favourites are Killswitch Engage and 65daysofstatic.
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    I have seen 'Bad Manners' live quite a few times. I do like live Ska events.

    a bit of 'do rock steady'

    Maybe The Special ..

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    the best live act I've seen are a band called Drive By Audio

    search "drive by audio live in paris" on youtube
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    Oasis are really good live. Saw them in 2000 at Leeds when they did the main event. I've seen a lot of bands but the ones that stand out are Iron Maiden, Polyphonic Spree, One Minute Silence and Queen Adreena

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    Some of the best people I can remember (remember being the operative word)

    Hotchip at Bestival
    Bjork at Glastonbury
    The Whitest Boy Alive at Hoxton Dining rooms

    I saw BUSH as my first ever 'proper' gig in 1996 or 1997 at the LA2. They had placebo supporting as an unsigned act

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    Slipknot are probably the best live band Ive seen, in terms of tightness and stage show. Both times I saw them was 10+ years ago so I can't really comment on what they're like these days, but when they were touring their first album they were tearing it up.

    I also saw Fear Factory at Donnington back in '96 and that's gotta be one of the best live shows Ive seen as well. Rancid were incredible live too, I only went to see them as a mate had a spare ticket but they proper converted me that night.

    SOAD and Deftones are 2 of my favourites bands, but both can be very hot or cold when it comes to seeing them live.

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