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Thread: my last fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by kickboxingidiot1 View Post
    Good lad! Keep it up. I like both your entrance music and your attitude towards training and wanting to improve.
    Thanks, the crowd seemed to enjoy my entrance music too

    I love training at the minute, really enjoying all the new techniques I'm being taught and looking to improve all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenA View Post
    I'm part of team force so i know what the other guy is capable of, how he prepared etc.
    Im my opinion you should have destroyed your opponent. he's done boxing for 6 months (kinda useless in amt mma) and trained twice a week at mma for 3 months. he's 16, didn't cut any weight in the build up (just said i'm about 63kg, that will do) and has practically no ground game. i think the only 2 subs he knows are armbar and guillotine. he's reasonably strong for his size but his knowledge of BJJ is limited and he's now stopped training.

    on the plus side the takedowns looked good (probably won you the score cards) and the ability to slam someone like that is always good.

    I think you should just keep drilling the basics as there were times when there were a lot of easy subs or sweeps that could have been attempted (i know its easy to criticise in hindsight). Was it your first fight? be proud of your win, you can't expect wonders in your first fight.

    i know hardly any of this post makes sense, and i'm hardly one to give advice (it was my first fight on the same card, and i was pretty poor)
    EDIT: re-read it sounds hugely negative, you did good, a wins and win
    Hang on, so the guy your describing is the same guy you train with? Wouldn't want to train at the same club you do, you snake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    Hang on, so the guy your describing is the same guy you train with? Wouldn't want to train at the same club you do, you snake.
    A) he no longer trains at my club
    B) i'd say it to his face so it's not snakeish
    c)I'm only giving my opinion. I'd be happy for someone else from my club to tell some one their opinion of my skills (or lack thereof).

    I just told sam what i thought. i've told the guy who trained at my club the same thing. I thought he was underprepared and wasn't taking it seriously enough. He only found out he couldn't do head shots and it was a 5min round 30 mins before he fought. I told him at the time he was a mug and he can't expect to perform well or win if he's not switched on to what he's doing. If i had no idea about the details surrounding my fight i would expect a member of my team to tell me to sort my act out and afterwards to inform me i was a tool for not being prepared.

    long story short, i just gave sam some background on the person he faced in order for him to learn more about how he can improve. I would be grateful if someone had done the same thing for me (post fight obviously) and don't think it's back stabbing at all as the fights over now so it's irrelevant.

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