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Thread: Summary of my first 3 MMA classes...

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    Default Summary of my first 3 MMA classes...

    Thought id write up about my first 3 sessions with Infinity MMA in Dover after being so nervous after reading your threads haha, for anyone who may or may not be interested!

    Turned up late for my first session last tuesday (got lost hehe) joined in half way through the conditioning class, and swiftly realised how unfit i am!!

    Then came the technique/sparring hour which was cool, going through some half guard techniques i think it was (memory sucks) with a few other things legs locks perhaps...

    Then came the rolling, which was great, soon realising no matter where i was i was getting subbed haha, great feeling that!

    Then came thursday - done an hour kick boxing with craig amer (i think) again really good, onto mma class after where we drlling an arm triangle or shoulder whatever its called i forget, and a few other things, again a bit of rolling after where i again get molested....

    Anyway to summarise - its great (got loads to take in but really enjoying it), infinity mma are great, great bunch a guys and shanes really cool, great coach!.

    Bring on tomorrow night.

    for anyone in kent looking to train
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    Craig Amer !!! He was a good kickboxer in his day. Short and stocky, very aggressive and big puncher!
    Looking for K-1 Kickboxers ALL Levels 26th Feb

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