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Thread: Shin Pads

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    Fight Shop are Fair Tex give them a look

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    The top king 1ns are quality but they are hard to get hold of ( i heard the factory burnt down-civil war ftl)

    but the shinguards are good, they are really light and protect right upto your knee

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    Quote Originally Posted by IjumpGuard View Post
    looking to pay as little as possible but the best quality,
    You get what you pay for. If such an item existed everyone would be wearing one brand.

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    For stright stand up your best going for one of the Thai brands; Sandee, Twins, Fairtex, etc

    Sandee and Twins are both leather

    Fairtex are "Syntec Leather" which is a marketing way of saying PU

    All are good.

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    or for a bit cheaper MTG are pretty decent.

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    I have fairtex and there pretty good mate, As said before i'd go for one of the thai brands.

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    I have to say Top King as well had Twins and Fairtex before and i find King are the best out of the three
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    I've got RDX pure fighter ones, they cost me 25 quid, not as good as the thai brands, but good buy if your on a budget

    you'll find them on ebay
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yak View Post
    king - protect the knee too - fav at the moment
    sandee or twins good too
    i think the hyabuse ones are shite for thai boxing obv good for rolling - but offer about the same protect as a pair of 5 quid cotton ones
    i got a pair of Sandee's just the other week from was really quick delivery and although I haven't trained with them yet (will be tomorrow) they seem pretty substantial and really comfy....they were around 40 i thnk

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    I like my bad breed cost between 25 and 35 cant remember.

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