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Thread: scuba diving

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    Default scuba diving

    anyone here scuba dive? am thinking of taking it up
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    Yup BSAC qualified, what you want to know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by d0ugbug View Post
    Yup BSAC qualified, what you want to know?
    Awesome! Does this mean you can poke sharks with sticks an shit?

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    No lol. Qualified to do under water search and recovery, drive a boat, teach and handle and use nitrox

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    how do you go about getting qualified and does it cost a lot?

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    Find a local club, some times you see adverts at your local swimming pool they tend to have some kit for you to borrow and use but they do recommend getting your own.

    Your own kit your looking at around 1000-1200 for a decent starters kit not including a dry suit which in the uk you may want lol. Although a semi dry is around the 500 mark keeps you warm once you pee in it

    You have to have a medical done, then you have a simple go in the pool as you would not believe how many people don't like the sound of them selfs breathing under water and then you have to pass some simple tests.

    Swim X lengths, tread water for x time, swim a distance under water etc. Then you start your training to become a "club" diver which lets you dive in the pool and open water up to a certain depth, you can then progress as you go on the best level to get to is sports diver as you can go down much deeper than club!

    Costs involve depend on the club you sign upto and if its BSAC or PADDI, you also have to pass theory and practical test etc.

    If you want to see what its like, depending where in the UK you are I could take you out I got plenty of spare kit and you could hire a semi-dry suit for the day.

    Like any sport and hobby once you get into it, the costs start to mount, if you sign upto a decent club your membership fee should cover X tank refills per month
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    Done it a couple times on holidays and loved it. I sound like a hippy but its very relaxing
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    I don't think they make 7ft 6in wet suits

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    Are there many jobs? Always strikes me as an AWESOME job taking tourists for diving somewhere tropical

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    I have been diving for 14 years, logged god knows how many dives all over the world, From the reefs red sea, to cavern Diving in Mexico, to wreck diving of the south coast.
    I fooking love it! would recommend it to anyone and 100% can not get enough.

    I am PADI qualified, Its pretty straight forward to learn and personally I believe that you should learn in England as the conditions are not as good as else where so if you can do something in a cold dark quarry in the red sea its a piece of piss, The essential kit isnt that much as you can rent the rest to keep cost down for the first few year. maybe a 200 outlay for decent everything but can be done cheaper.

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