This is well funny.

Saw a joke on sickapeidea twitter - "what's brown and kills babies? ..... John Terrys wallet!!!!"

Now I thought this was funny and worth a retweet. Then a couple of hours later I gets a tweet from John Terry calling me and idiot.

"@andysledge classy! Idiot!"

So not only does the baby killing world cup loser on 130k a week worry that much about what I say he is vain enough to search twitter for every mention of his name. So he sarcastically calls me classy yet he fucks Waynes Bridges bird, gets her up the duff, kills the baby and undermines the world cup squad leading to the worst performance England have ever had in the World Cup. Now that's classy.

I've obviously had a bit of a troll back.

"@JohnGTerry1980 LMAO!!! Don't know what's worse. You replying or you searching every tweet for your name. 120k no enough for you? Classy."

Have a troll at him. See if you get anything back.