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Thread: John Terry just called me an idiot!! Classy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarky14 View Post
    I reckon this is funny shit, the dead baby jokes are fucking brilliant too.

    Good work Sledge!!
    It upsets me, i feel like im missing out on something really funny as some people find them hilarious. I just have never got them. Im sad now, fuck you clarky and your exclusive joke club. Your xbox fixed yet homeboy? we need to have another big game sometime soon.

    As for sledge
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian23 View Post
    If you read some of "JT's" posts I think you will realise that is not John Terry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickclark View Post
    If you read some of "JT's" posts I think you will realise that is not John Terry.
    no shit, just like the other dude pretending to be john terry. there's loads of fake john terry accounts about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian23 View Post
    Is that because it has 4real in the name? Well that's convinced me. Lol.

    Look at both accounts and tell me which one looks more real. Read the tweets. He is offering Robbie Savage out for tweeting shit about him not just tweeting rubbish.

    The 4real one has been on there for about 9 months and isn't verified. This new one says it is getting verified soon.

    He just replied to me again saying I knew nothing about why the England team was shite. I asked him why they were shite.

    *waiting for next reply*
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    The replies are coming thick and fast.

    On Sunday 4th July 2010, @JohnGTerry1980 said:

    @andysledge Have you never made any mistakes in life? You only know what your little brain is told by tabloid papers. What is your job by the way??

    He just asked if I'd ever made any mistakes?

    I said I'd made loads but none of them have ever effected the hopes and dreams of an entire nation.

    Wants to know my job too. Obviously can't read my profile.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ross90 View Post
    now will, last saw night it I.
    thats awesome.. clever

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    At best you are trolling his PA, at worst a random 8 year old.

    Come to think of it, if it is fake and you are being baited, surely you are the one being trolled
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    sorry what have i actually done to either be classed as a troll or a random 8 year old?

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    sledge you thought you were doin the trolling your getting trolled theres hundreds of fake accounts it's people who have nothing else to do but make fake twitter accounts of celebrity's

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