In the aftermath of what turned out to be a good little discussion about the best punchers in boxing, this often asked question once again returned to my mind. Now, as we all know it's very hard to put your finger on your own personal best, so just throw a few out there.

The reason behind your choices could be Pure Excitement, Historical Importance, a Clash of Styles, an Unexpected Result, a Comeback, a Technical Masterclass, a Big Knockout etc etc.....

Number 1 for me has got to be Deigo Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo 1
Some more are Winky Wright vs Felix Trinidad, Sugar Ray Robinson vs Jake LaMotta 6, Benn vs McClellan, Hagler vs Hearns, Tony Zale vs Rocky Graziano 3, Leonard vs Hearns 1.......... Man I could go on and on.