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Thread: John Terry just called me an idiot!! Classy!!!

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    Default John Terry just called me an idiot!! Classy!!!

    This is well funny.

    Saw a joke on sickapeidea twitter - "what's brown and kills babies? ..... John Terrys wallet!!!!"

    Now I thought this was funny and worth a retweet. Then a couple of hours later I gets a tweet from John Terry calling me and idiot.

    "@andysledge classy! Idiot!"

    So not only does the baby killing world cup loser on 130k a week worry that much about what I say he is vain enough to search twitter for every mention of his name. So he sarcastically calls me classy yet he fucks Waynes Bridges bird, gets her up the duff, kills the baby and undermines the world cup squad leading to the worst performance England have ever had in the World Cup. Now that's classy.

    I've obviously had a bit of a troll back.

    "@JohnGTerry1980 LMAO!!! Don't know what's worse. You replying or you searching every tweet for your name. 120k no enough for you? Classy."

    Have a troll at him. See if you get anything back.

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    You idiot, do you really believe that's him?

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    to be fair mate you can slag off john terry for being a millionaire and that but to make a joke about someone having an abortion is a very classless and shitty thing to do

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    Shit joke too, fail sledge... just fail.

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    you think john terry would have 18 followers? not if he had his page for any more than 5 seconds!

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    What a tool the OP is.

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    If you look at the join date he only started his twitter account yesterday. If it had not been for this I would have called troll too. I did look at it before I replied etc.

    So how come me retweeting a joke which I think is funny is worse than him actually paying off the slag and actually paying for the abortion.

    A joke is only funny if it pokes fun at someone or something. You can't say it's not a funny joke.

    But that isn't my point. I couldn't really give a toos about the joke it is the fact that he seems to think his time is best spent calling people names he doesn't know on twitter when he should be concentrating on not fucking up the England squad and not shagging his team mates birds.

    Got another reply.

    "@andysledge I was told about it. Don't search. Also, what's money got to do with anything?? Get your figures right b4 gobbing aswell!!"

    Now he thinks that me not knowing his exact pay packet is worse than him killing babies.

    This is fun.

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    John Terry is on holiday, he aint going to be mouthing off to randoms on twitter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian23 View Post
    John Terry is on holiday, he aint going to be mouthing off to randoms on twitter.
    Sorry. Not only do you know John Terrys exact movements but foreign countries down have the internet either.

    It is not a verified twitter account so it might not be him but I don't really care if it's not. I'm just having a laugh and a bit of a troll.

    He does seem awfully touchy

    Oh and fuck off Ian23.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dano View Post
    What a tool the OP is.
    Probably one of the nicest things anyone on here has ever said to me. Thanks.

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