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Thread: Boxing Board of Control

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    the BBOC is to old school , it needs another new governing body , using the BBOC rules and regs as a good place to start.
    If anyone has seen the rule book , its pretty good and I would recomend a read.

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    The biggest problem we face trying to get a national governing body is " Money " ~ most promotors will not want to pay a slice of the takings just to be registered with the governing body.

    They make money from the shows in their current state so they are going to be very unwilling to change.

    Karate tried to do this back in the early 80's and it went to shit because no one wanted to give up the control and money.

    We do need a governing body for MMA if we are to keep the fighters safelong term but I personally cant see it happening.

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    but that governing body provides refs, rules, safety , registers, etc etc etc..
    administering that costs money

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    i'd certainly love to be involved if this ever did get off the ground
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatParker116 View Post
    Marc Ratner invited the BBOC to UFC 85 to discuss bringing the sport under there control, they turned him down.
    In fact the BBBofC has been ringside twice at the UFC in the UK and on both occasions it has wanted no part of it. I also spoke to Rob Smith about a month ago and he reiterated the same sentiments.

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    Just to point something out, what makes the British Boxing Board of Control Ltd run so smoothly is Worldwide co-operation between all of the regulating commissions or private companies in a particular Country... The BBBoC is only a private limited company and a self-appointing regulator of professional boxing. It is the BBBoC themselves that coin the term 'unlicensed' for fighters that fight outside of the BBBoC in the UK.

    The BBBoC is a partnering founder of the European Boxing Union which obviously sanction the European titles. It's also worthwhile noting that because the BBBoC promoted itself as THE regulating body for pro boxing in the UK, and because it has so many influential people on their 'board' (ie Peerage folk like Lords, etc) they have strong ties with the media who are under this illusion that anything outside of the BBBoC is not legitimate.

    For any other sport to try to emulate what the BBBoC does would be a very large task in itself. It takes a global partnerships and agreements between the National & International bodies - if the BBBoC withdraws a license from a boxer they then write to all of the other recognised bodies such as the EBU, WBC, WBA, and the National bodies of other Countries, stating that X boxer has been denied a license and that they should also enforce this. Which in most cases they do.


    Indeed even in pro boxing a world sanctioning body could impose a suspension on somebody - an example could be the WBC suspending Riddick Bowe - of which the BBBoC would also refuse to license Riddick Bowe to fight in the UK. But sometimes the other world bodies don't acknowledge the suspensions and allow them to fight for their titles. So even that system is not perfect.

    Lastly, i don't think Sport England has anything to do with pro boxing / BBBoC, i think they are pretty much amateur orientated (ABAE) though i may be wrong.

    Sorry for the long-winded answer.

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