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Thread: Excessive porno watching = confusion with reality??

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    Default Excessive porno watching = confusion with reality??

    So, I moved into this new apartment last week. Well, actually renting a room, sharing with one other guy. I'm 22 and he's 47.

    So I just met the guy. First evening, we were sat there watching telly.
    He was on the PC, but then joined me to watch a movie.

    I was sat on one of the two couches, in front of the telly. He finished up on the PC and sat beside me, instead of on the free couch, which was adjacent to the telly. I was like, "Fair enough, no big deal".

    I could feel him watching me out of the corner of his eye though, and he had this sort of scrutinizing frown on his ugly mug.
    He's a heavy set bloke also, 120kgs, not muscle, and about 5ft 4inch tall.

    Anyways, I felt pretty uncomfortable, so I went off to bed.

    Next morning I woke and got up to take a shower.
    He greeted me good morning on my way to the bathroom, with only a towel around my waste.
    I was like, "whatever, no biggie".

    So I took a shower. I was in there for ages as well (the walls are pretty thin and it's a small apartment, so he could hear the water running), so I assume he assumed I was fwapping, which I was.

    Anyways, when I emerged and was on my way back to my bedroom, he came out from the living room and stopped me in the hall.
    He told me he slept badly last night and had back pain.
    He asked me to turn around, so he could show me the precise spot where he had pain, but he was staring up at me, all wide eyed.

    I turned around.
    He started running his big lunchbox hands up and down my back, gently, like you do with a chick before you unfix her bra strap.
    I was like, "okay bro, that sucks you have pain.."

    I got the feeling he was going to ask me to give him a back rub or something.
    I turned back around and just stared him out of it.
    It was painfully clear at this point what he had on his mind.
    I could sense him mentally undressing me and bending me over the back of the couch, taking me from the "derriere", as they say in france.

    Anyways, later on, I was having a mooch about the apartment; he was out somewhere, and I went on his computer. Of course me first port of call was the temporary internet files.
    Un-focking-believable. The amount of porno this lonely old guy watched..

    It got me thinking.
    Did the quantity of porno he was watching somehow affect his judgment of the situation.
    "Young guy in the shower, fwapping - he obviously wants me to bone him".

    It's a reasonable depiction of the opening few scenes in your average porno film..

    Has anyone here ever watched so much porno that they find themselves thinking this shit?
    Like a lady bumps into you in the parking lot, and suddenly you start thinking she wants to blow you in her car?
    Or you meet some female in the gym and she asks you to help her with her abdominal exercises, and suddenly your wondering does she really mean she wants you to fock her in the sauna?

    1 - New male house mate wants to have fantasy gay sex
    2 - I think it's cause he watches to much porno and is confusing it with reality
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    Don't be a fucking fag and give the guy what he wants.
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    General badmotherfucker.

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    In a situation like this you really have to ask yourself; What would Stubbsy do(WWSD)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plastikman View Post
    someone needs to design this t-shirt, jay evans, get to work!!!!!

    I would, buy, sell, sponsor fighters with it.. we could troll the UFC, sponsoring fighters with WWSD.COM on their shorts.
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    God says that you have seen 'The one with the free porn' episode of Friends.
    God is sponsered by For real.

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    its not Gay if you dont push back

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    Quote Originally Posted by James-w View Post
    someone needs to design this t-shirt, jay evans, get to work!!!!!

    I would, buy, sell, sponsor fighters with it.. we could troll the UFC, sponsoring fighters with WWSD.COM on their shorts.
    wwsd.jpgjust a quick attempt
    why is it the more you earn the less you have ?

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    edited to stay SFW lol
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    What you holding out for? Shit sex is sex, just close your eyes and think of Canada

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