Fine friends of the forum.

My mate is currently in a Mallorcan prison cell and I want to find out the possible out comes.

He and a couple of the lads were away for a few days in Mallorca. Last night in the hotel bar some bloke slaps a girl at about midnight. My pal steps in and basically throws a nice juicy elbow and busts up this kids eye. Turns out this kid is actually a kid and is 16 years old on holiday with his family. So the OB turn up and see a kids with his mum bleeding and 4 drunk lads in their 20's and my pal gets nicked.

He is on court in the morning at 10am and the fucking cunts he was with got the flight home today and left him on his jacks with no money or anything. Just his passport being held by the cops.

So has anyone else been in or had a pal in a similar situation and what can he expect?

Obviously best case scenario is he gets a slap on the wrist and kicked out the country. I'm thinking a big fine and sent home after it's paid (500-1000).

Worst case is they bail him to another court date and keep his passport or just bang him up for 6 months.

Opinions or experience of similar will be gratefully received. (I don't want to hear "he shouldn't of hit him)