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Thread: Contact lenses whilst fighting

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    Default Contact lenses whilst fighting

    Last edited by Googol; 08-07-2010 at 04:19 PM.

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    I'm sure I read about a guy with bad vision who fights, was pretty cool!

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    they dont do prescriptions above -5.00?? I'm on the blinder side of -5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Googol View Post
    I feel like im sounding like an advert/troll,
    I think you work for the company. You only joined when you found the other thread and spammed it. All your posts are about contacts not MMA.

    Or to prove me wrong could you tell me who is your coach and which gym you train at.

    If not Frakes shall give the order to "FIRE".

    Spamming is against rules but you are welcome to buy a banner advert.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    God thinks these lenses are very expensive and not worth the money.

    God knows and sees all.

    God has done the maths.

    Laser teatment = 800 - 1000 and lasts at least 7 years = 142.85 per year.

    Rip off lenses = 50 initial consultation + 250 month 1 + 50 per month there after = 850 in year 1 and 600 per year there after. 7 Years = 4450 so average = 635 per year

    God dislikes rip off merchants and wonders where a 17 year old gets that type of cash. God calls you a rip off liar.
    God is sponsered by For real.

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    You linked the company's web site in your other post and it's all you have gone on about.

    You are a spammer and this is against the rules.

    Lol at not wanting to put up what gym you train at but are happy to spam a product. Funny that. I know all the BJJ gyms in London so just let me know who is your coach and you won't be banned.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Googol View Post
    Number one cos im in full time education i get NHS discounts every year. Secondly, I don't qualify for laser/dont like the risks or the possible damage in the long term to the structure of the eye. Healing time is too long as well. Plus I didnt pay a 50 quid initial consultation and the 250 quid covers teh first month as well. its 40 quid thereafter for me, and iv done the math its 480 a year for me ...also I break glasses/lose contacts and have dry eye...Oh and as for the money, I have money I have saved up from years of paper rounds. Especially christmas tip's.

    Why is everyone attacking me dude?
    God thinks you are very knowledgeable about the working of the eye for a child.

    God is not attacking you God knows you are a rip off lense seller.

    God has re read your posts and every one is about lenses and not MMA. God believes you do not trian in any MMA related arts.

    God smites thee and casts out rip off merchants from the garden of Eden.
    God is sponsered by For real.

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    So rather than tell us the name of your gym you have deleted all your posts. Way to prove me right. Cheers.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Googol View Post
    Ok are you happy, I got rid of all my posts on contact lenses, no one will know the brand I use. I wanted to contribute to this forum but I just got attacked. I dont know why but whatever, I am sorry to have caused you to dislike me.
    I don't dislike you. I dislike being lied to and cheated.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Lol @ your flawed logic. I now think you are a woman as well as a lense pimp.

    1- You would come on an MMA website to target specific people who may use lenses. I'm sure there is no such thing as a contact lense forum and if there were the people on there would already have them. In the same way we are involved in MMA and are on an MMA site. (Flawed bird logic)

    2- you seem to know a lot about the registration process on forums as it is my bet you spend all day doing it and spamming them.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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