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Thread: Contact lenses whilst fighting

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    He could well be a 'lens' pimp' but I've never heard of this kind of lens technology before so I was quite interested in reading the link. Especially as I've worn conventional contact lenses for the last 12 years or so. Most of the time they don't give me any problems when training but it's not good when you have to pick a lens off the sweaty pube-invested mats and pop it back in again after it's been knocked out.

    I only pay 15 month though and that has barely changed in the last decade. How much was the lens pimp, pimping his dirty hoe bitch lenses for?

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    Yeah I want to know about these lenses as I wear contacts and they are a pain in the ass.

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    If you look back God posted the prices. Not cheap.

    I wear glasses and am considering laser treatment. I only wear contacts when I'm doing a show or going out for a special occasion. I used to wear them all the time and they made my eyes worse. So decided to stick with my bins.

    When I first got contacts years ago I wore then to BJJ and as soon as I was rolling and began to sweat the lens was flushed out my eye. Never bothered since. I'm a -2.0 so if I can touch you I can easily see you so don't really need them for rolling or boxing.

    I know that Paul Jenkins wear lenses to fight in and he has no trouble. Also there was a video years ago of an MMA fight where one dude got kicked in the head and his contact lens flew out and landed on the camera lens filming him. Quite funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by God of CW View Post
    God thinks these lenses are very expensive and not worth the money.

    God knows and sees all.

    God has done the maths.

    Laser teatment = 800 - 1000 and lasts at least 7 years = 142.85 per year.

    Rip off lenses = 50 initial consultation + 250 month 1 + 50 per month there after = 850 in year 1 and 600 per year there after. 7 Years = 4450 so average = 635 per year

    God dislikes rip off merchants and wonders where a 17 year old gets that type of cash. God calls you a rip off liar.
    ^^^^ Not cheap.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    on a similar note has anyone had their eye butchered by a laser? I've read that you shouldnt do contact sports for a good while after having it done?

    I wear contact lenses all the time and they've never given me any trouble at bjj even when being face barred. I'm still unsure about the laser business but hey if there's a better option out there than contacts.

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