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Thread: little help

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    what's the dress code for these sort of places in clubs? off to maga in a couple weeks and not sure if i'll need to take jeans/shoes, hopefully not, be sweating like a bitch!

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    Anything you like mate, normally anyways, no flip flops! Wade around in Piss sick in the loos, plus glass and all that. Wouldn't wear shoes so much tho mate. Jeans, t shirts and trainers or whatever
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHillman View Post
    food is ok mate, drink just be careful of the "Free" stuff, as normally what the locals call "bumba" which is basically home made shite!

    Stay out of trouble, Kavos coppers are from the mainland (Athens) and dont hold back with the sticks mate.

    Other than that, food is good. drink is good, It wont be much cheaper due to the euro, and if you can, fuck like a bunny rabbit mate! hahaha

    There is a strip joint for some entertainment mate, its 24 hours too! the gilrs go to Heaven (bar) when they finish too!

    Most of all mate, have a good time!

    (Kavos in the early hours stinks of sewage! lol, so make sure ur indoors shagging before 7am!)
    cheers m8. i will watch meself with muskers but i shud be k i hate trouble.

    wont be no shagging though im kinda old fashioned in the dont cheat department lol.

    will defo tell the m8s bwt the strip joint though defonatly

    cheers m8 thanks for help
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