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Thread: I know Australia is a little behind

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    Fair enough there's some codgers on there but that should be a pretty awesome card in my opinion. Some good fights on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by God of CW View Post
    God lols at Ken Shamrock v Pedro Rizzo. God may be seeing Shamrock at the pearly gates soon if he carrys on.
    is that lazy bastard St Peter off ill again? i don't know why you put up with it

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    lol, man, Australia shits on UK events!!!
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    arrr damn that card looks sick, old school !

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    Thats gonna be a hell of a card!
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    Australia = Best country in the world

    shame about the Australians though!

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    Looks like a good card from a fan point of view.

    Paul Daley, one fight away from a title shot, a rush of blood and he is fighting on a Ken Shamrock undercard!

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    tiago who posts on here manages a majority of the brazilian contingent on those cards. Good luck to him and his fighters for the one this weekend. Thats a sick lineup, only Dream gets me as excited as a high calibur card such as this. Apparently it will be on HD-net? I know a big US broadcaster was looking into it

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    I think it's 2 different cards, first page is July 10th and the 2nd page (Daley) is July 17th.

    I also think it's gonna be on that primetime channel or whatever it is called on Sky.

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