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Thread: UFC 120...English fans getting shafted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaizer View Post
    Still cant see a big fight there.

    Can see a co main event ( usual same co main event that every UK show has ) but no big main event.

    The only time the UK had a big main event was when Rampage V Henderson was held at the O2 back in Sept 2007
    So you basically wanna go autograph hunting..... WAND VITOR ANDERSON.......Fuck that i wanna see the English lads kicking arse in the UFC on home soil........This aint no fucking concert..

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    You guys are passionate about UK cards haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by WARRINGTONCAGERAGER View Post
    So you basically wanna go autograph hunting..... WAND VITOR ANDERSON.......Fuck that i wanna see the English lads kicking arse in the UFC on home soil........This aint no fucking concert..
    The appeal of seeing the foreign fighters greatly out weighs ( imho ) the watching of the UK guys. You can see the UK guys anytime while its rare and exciting to have the top level overseas boys fight on UK soil.
    Would i rather see the likes of A.Silva, W.Silva, GSP, Shogun, Lesner, Big Nog etc as opposed to the same old UK guys then yes, especially for the price that the UFC charge.

    Sad fact is that its not profitable for the UFC to do their big shows in the UK or anywhere else where the time zone is different to that of the US.
    They make their money at the big Vegas shows with the big PPV buys.
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    This is gonna be a great show!!!

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    ok so people are complaining about paying 50 for 4 hours of the sport they love.... how much would you spend in four hours drinking in shitty town centre bars???? much does it cost to watch 90 mins of meaningless low end domestic football??? for fucks sake if you 'love' this sport so much put your hand in your pocket to support it once in a while no doubt pay fuck all to watch the shows on the net so just fucking stump up for a change!!

    Tramps.... the lot of you!!

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    Problem is Rob, it's not 50 unless you want to sit in the heavens and watch it on the large screens.
    Good seats cost serious wedge, plus hotel and travel etc.

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    I went to Newcastle for Penn-Stevenson & didnt grudge the ticket price, loved the show & if it wasnt for having a wean would have been out on the drink to cap off a great night.

    I dont believe in cutting costs on a night like that, so happy to spend a fortune.

    I do agree with those complaining about the card though. From MMA Junkie:

    Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Michael Bisping*
    Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy*
    John Hathaway vs. Dong Hyun Kim*
    Travis Browne vs. Cheick Kongo*
    Spencer Fisher vs. Kurt Warburton*
    Claude Patrick vs. James Wilks*
    Tom Blackledge vs. James McSweeney*
    Cyrille Diabate vs. Alexander Gustafsson*
    Rob Broughton vs. Vinicius Kappke de Quieroz*
    Steven Cantwell vs. TBA*
    Paul Sass vs. TBA*
    * - Not officially announced

    Its great to see the Brit fighters appearing together & even better that their fairly matched, but id like to see another fight in the standard of BJ-Stevenson. Doesnt have to be a title fight, but a top international bout with title ambitions to it would be great.

    Ill be going anyway, hope to take in as much as the UFC put on this time too. Think I might be a bad person though, its my weans 4th birthday that day & im hoping to piss off to London!
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    Its a good card, and will be good to see the UK guys kick some arse.. but for the money you pay it would be nice to have them put a big main event on. Rob - I wouldn't pay to go see a football match because it's that expensive, I would only pay the big money to see a big top billed match.
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    A lot of blind patriotism in this thread.
    Im not looking at this as a English person im looking at this as a mma fan and its a shit card,there is no way this card would ever sell as a ppv but we have to pay out the arse to watch it.

    I dont care about autograph hunting but id like to see the best fighters in the world fighting in england.
    And im sorry but bisping who is coming of a win of a b level fighter and Akiyama who is 1-1 in the ufc and coming of a loss is not a main event.

    There is no other way at looking at this we are getting stiffed,im all for english fighers but if im paying a mint I want to see some big world wide names as well.

    I dont even understand why bisping is fighting Akiyama surely he should be fighting leben or having a rematch with wand.

    And there has been a bunch of talk of hardy fighting Martin Kampmann,thats a much better fight than Condit.

    I dont know,im still going to go but I wish it was a better card.

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